Ziggy’s Embedded BTS

It started as a small challenge. “I challenge you to make a Base-Station image for embedded devices” dared me my friend Simone, and I decided he is right and it’s time for a BladeRF Base-station image targeting the armhf architecture. While googling on the subject, I found others struggling with same problems I did, and I also […]

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From Bochs to chroot

I used Bochs at 2004 for some projects of mine since that was the only way to emulate a complete PC back in the days. The performance was horrible, hardly usable, since all CPU & BIOS commands were emulated in software. Even on the best of hardware, performance was lacking. Fast forward a few years, […]

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Looking into param.lfs file

The param.lfs file looks like a simple container for some jpg files. I couldn’t mount it, so i wrote a simple script to extract those jpg files, just so i can look at them. Here are the jpg files i found on the param.lfs: and here is the script i’ve used to extract them: usage: […]

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