z4root – gain easy root on your Android.

Ok, so its already in the market thanks to RyanZA who did a great app to ease the exploit usage for the masses. But for those of you who want to know how this works – read on.

The exploit used is rageagainstthecage – it will spawn a adb process to gain root. once it gains root you can connect to it using adb, or, like z4root, using a terminal to create a new shell process, which will automatically gain root privileges. Here is the step by step :

1. Install Terminal Emulator from the market (or use adb if you wish)
2. Download rageagainstthecage, extract, and copy rageagainstthecage-bin to your Android device
3. move rageagainstthecage-bin to /data/local/tmp or /tmp or whatever other directory you can execute from
4. do ‘chmod +x /data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-bin’ and execute rageagainstthecage-bin
5. open Terminal Emulator or connect to the device using ADB – the session will open with root privileges. Install su, busybox, whatever, and reboot.


4 thoughts on “z4root – gain easy root on your Android.

  1. Hi z4,

    i was using the z4root app. It is working very fine in my sony Ericssion X10 mini(android 2.1 update1).
    i used only temporary root.

    I downloaded the binary file from http://www.mediafire.com/?d2wqkcdjc2lhx25

    i executed the rageagainstcage as per the instruction you mentioned(like unrooted phone).

    I used both adb shell as well as Terminal emulator. The root session did not open.

    Please let me know that is there any wrong in my phone.

    1. good job on your manual work 🙂

      i’ve noticed that sometimes there are some applications/services which causes the root session to get lost (ie, they probably overtake the session) so maybe closing them might help. also, try multiple times after fresh restart of the phone – you might get lucky…

      I know a better implementation of rage-against-the-cage is needed, but i just don’t have the time. sorry.

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