Summarizing 2 weeks of Android hacking

I think it’s time to summarize my past two weeks of Android hacking – It’s been fun.

Hacking Android proved to be a world of endless possibilities, and just like in the Linux-Desktop distributions arena, it’s LEGO – ie, you can customize, change scripts, packages, filesystems, the whole. LEGO. There is so much information available for the Android platform, and some great projects are planned to storm the Android world (Heimdall – an odin replacement, and the beginning of a redbend_ua replacement, to name a few), and it seems to me anyone with the right amount of dedication and vision can create his own mod/distrolet. The world of Android hacking is for YOU to take! At least you’ll have hours of fun hacking around a Linux distrolet in the process.

I started my Android hacking path looking for a method to flash my SGS from Linux. The only viable solution it seems, is using redbend_ua (or replacement) thru I tried it. Didn’t work. I’m still sure it’s doable – I must be missing something, but i can’t figure out what. I played with the updater-script for various ways to flash, but nothing worked. The flash worked, but the device won’t boot. The only way to recover was ODIN. And so, I’ve tried endless times, patching and fixing the script, all for vain. My best guess is that I’m not flashing the images properly, but that just a guess. I think I will put this project on hold for the time being until others might reveal more information on the subject.

I am now running Froyo 2.2 with built-in Hebrew, which is great – Hebrew support in SMS, contacts, etc. Perfect.

Now for my next two projects – which I already know I will hardly have time for them –

1. Hack the bluetooth driver on Android to allow streams to be saved to disk. This will finally provide me with some kind of call recording I can bare. All other call recordings software for Android uses the speaker! How lame is that? The rest of them simply doesn’t work.

2. Create a new mod for I9000 – without RFS support! Yes, you’ve heard me right – no RFS. replace it with ext4/yaffs/whatever. Basically to create such a mod, one should create duplicate images of each rfs partition, and replace all mount references to whatever format he choose. This – theoretically – will create a mod which doesn’t require a lagfix. It will be a nolag-mod 🙂

I’ve switched to Gnome. I’ve had enough with KDE’s poor performance.


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