Latest Samsung ROM update – JHJP4/JHJP5

So, Samsung just released a new rom (more info here) and lo and behold – its an Israeli ROM! A 2.2 Froyo baked, Hebrew based ROM. Since i still know that all samsung updates are for their Windows based tools, i doubt this update is for me.

However, I still downloaded it. And looking inside reveals something very interesting – the tar file inside the rar file holds the following files: cache.rfs ,factoryfs.rfs, modem.bin, param.lfs & zImage. We know already their corresponding partitions, all of those files should be easily flashed using redbend_ua… Seems like my script from this post is the right way to apply this kind of update. I think i should try and gather more information before actually testing it though. Anyone who tried this method to flash a new ROM had problems, although this particular update looks promising. I’ll update soon with more information.


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