Windows vs. Mac: Which is the better alternative to Linux?

Inspired by this article ive decided to put my short opinion on the topic.


To elaborate: both Windows & Mac apply restrictions, non-disclosure development methods (due to their closed-source nature ofcourse), monopoly and overall dictatorship and abusing their customers – both financially (spend a months’ salary on one OS, and half a year on a new computer so you can own the other OS…) and methodically (“do it our way or else…”(tm)). Unlike Linux, which is to say – do what you like, as you like, when you like, to whatever you like. Freedom. oh yea, and it costs as much as you would care to donate…

So really, theres no comparecement. I couldnt care less for “99% windows users world wide” (bogus percentage intended). you know why? cause even 99% of world population CAN be wrong or simply mis/uninformed. but i trust the day will come, as i believe people will come to their senses eventually and learn THEY can control their system, instead of allowing their system to control THEM. And they will embrace Linux for what it truely is.

no comparecement.



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