just a quick update…

I know i havent been active much lately, but thats because im very busy with work and life. I didn’t touch Archie much, and i can hardly have time for personal stuff (ie, blogging) – my time is being consumed with work and my wife, which leaves me just a couple of hours sleep a day (ive been living lately on a 3 hours sleep daily… not enough for humans…) so updating the blog or Archie seems too far at the horizon. I hope after the delivery I’ll have more free time, but people keep telling me its gonna be even worse… so we’ll see.

in anyway, just to update with my current projects – im customizing a uclibc based system for a client of mine, which is cool, and along the way, im creating a uclibc based distro with samba on it to act as a PDC for old computers. the entire size of this distro is less than 60MB and i hope to be able to produce some web configuration tool so it won’t require ssh login and textual configuration. the best option atm seems to hack the FreeNAS project html pages, but we’ll see…

In anyway, I hope someone out there is praying for the health of our baby (and us…) since the doctors are telling us conflicting statements all the time (who said its better to have more than one opinion??? :/ ) but all agree the baby might have some problems – so we’re doing all kinda checks (we’re in hospital almost daily) to see what is wrong and how it can be treated. So – keep your prayers with us…

God Bless You All.


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