update time

For the ubuntu users, there is a great site to generate sources.list file, but you need to obtain each GPG key manually for every entry in the file. So, here is a quick oneliner to obtain the GPG keys automatically, for all ubuntu lovers out there (copy and paste in 1 line in your terminal):
for KEY in `grep "GPG key:" /etc/apt/sources.list | awk {'print $4'}`; do gpg --keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys $KEY; gpg --export --armor $KEY | sudo apt-key add - ; done

and some quick update about Archie – i finished 99% of the gui installer, tested it, and all seems to work. i also redesigned the layout from scratch after hearing some ppl saying it “doesn’t look professional enough”… so i hope the new design does.

Also, our congregation (Messianic Jews) had lost one of our dear members from Cancer. She was an amazing woman, with ALWAYS a smile on her face, regardless of what she’s been up with. She always shown her love to everyone, and we won’t forget her. She left behind a husband and three children.


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