Archie installer

Well, i’ve spent last few days working hard on finishing Archie – fixed all kinda stuff, added, removed, upgraded – and seems all is working fine – even the installer…

Hopefully we’ll finally have a working Archie installer. Actually – two. A bash installer and a GUI installer. I’ve posted some screenshots here, so if you would like to comment, please do.

I hope thats enough for a start…

Just for the record – I didn’t code the gui installer. iphitus from Arch Linux did, but he left it buggy and didnt have the time to fix it, and although im not a python coder (never touched python in my life…) im doing my best to fix this stuff and have a working gui installer. so far, i actually made it work, though thru some usage of bash command,mainly cause i don’t know how to manipulate text files from python (like sed,awk, etc).


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