Archie, yet again…

Well, i’ve resumed work on Archie, and it sure is about time… it was a LONG pause (4 months or more…) but i’ve decided to finish the 0.6 version, and then i’ll see how to continue. Maybe hand over the driver sit to dtw which done great work with Archie, and i think he’ll be a great project leader.

I’ve messed with the archie-scripts for a few days now, fixed, updated, and upgraded lots of stuff. i even finally fixed some bugs which caused lots of pain before, so it might be a good thing to leave the project for while and resume work with a fresh mind 🙂

Im building a personalized iso for a forum member from who asked for a java development live-cd. both sides (me and him) will enjoy the fruits of that since he will have his live-cd, and i will get to work on Archie, see where more work is needed – sharpen here and there, etc.

ok, im back to testing stuff… will update soon. but hooray for Archie! 🙂


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