Hello world!

I’ve finally decided to join the club. if you can’t beat them, join them… So, here’s my blog.

Since i do lots of different computing tasks, although mainly involved around linux, you can assume most of the blogging will be computer related – ie, geeks stuff. Also, since i’m lazy with capital L, most chances i wont update the blog too often, but who knows, maybe i will… miracles DO happen.

Well, the first post im putting down is related to Samba – i’ve spent last 4 days on 1 problem – couple of months ago i’ve installed ipcop+samba in the congregation offices. it was 3.0.22 version, everything went smoothly. this week i thought of upgrading to latest 3.0.24d – and the problems began. no user could login – windows gave a “can’t authenticate” error and went back to the login screen. so i reverted back to 3.0.22, and installed samba under qemu while trying to login into the qemu server (with “net join”) from my box. took me 4 days, tons of readings material (which none proved useful… but at least i learned a lot about samba options…) and finally one command as a solution… “net user add nobody”. 4 damn words in 4 days. thats 1 word per day! anyway, as always, i enjoyed it, although im not sure this “fix” is 100% “security smart”, but at least all works, so the congregation people are happy, and so am i. Thing is, i didn’t find anywhere someone having same problem as me, and nothing even related to this “add nobody” fix. maybe it’s all one big plot against me… iono. but again – my dad taught me, not to complain if everything works, so i won’t. hear me dad? 🙂

On another note, i have this project i got from some company (sorry, can’t reveal too much info…) which involved linux station, as/400 (my pet computer…) server, and uclibc. sounds fantastic, ea? the thing is, this company is a “money driven” company (capitalist world, ea?) which everytime i get a project from them (i have a long “romance” with them ,dated a few years back, but this is only the 2nd project im doing specifically for them) they drive me nuts. After having a meeting with them concluding the basic stuff, and who-does-what, i started working on the project although they asked me not to start yet (since they wanted to have a technical draft 1st) since a) it was very interesting, b) they had a very short deadline. anyway, after i finish like 70% of the project, they tell me they not gonna pay for anything i did till now, since i did it on my own will, and “not been asked to” start yet. well, no problem, i told them, don’t pay me at all – im gonna give the project for free then. obviously their hair jumped, and now they want to talk royalties. so, we’ll see how that goes, since i REALLY need the money…

Another open-source project i’ve been working on is Archie – the live Arch Linux project. it’s something i started a long time ago, did everything from scratch (init scripts, hw recognition, etc) and lately started getting bored by it. The last version (0.6) was supposed to be released couple of months ago, but im just too lazy and bored to actually package and release it, although tons of work had been put into it, and not by me only – some other members had joined to help out, but i just don’t see whats the point – theres so many “live” distributions right now, so one less won’t change a thing…

well, thats it for now, i think thats more than enough. On sunday im on an evangelizing seminar (every sunday for 5 weeks) but except for that i think my week will be more comfortable than the last… so i might actually blog again!

ta ta.


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