‘Hello World’ from Fuchsia

Since following the official docs failed for me, here is a short guide to get started and run ‘Hello World’ in Fuchsia. 1. Download and install Fuchsia: cd ~curl -s “https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/fuchsia/+/HEAD/scripts/bootstrap?format=TEXT” | base64 –decode | bashexport PATH=~/fuchsia/.jiri_root/bin:$PATHsource ~/fuchsia/scripts/fx-env.sh 2. Configure your target to include /examples/hello_world and build a Fuchsia image: cd ~/fuchsiafx set workstation.qemu-x64 –with […]


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Code Golf: 1Char Decoding

Code Golf: 1Char Decoding Question: Given one repeatable character as input, can a program produce an ‘Hello world!’ output, using only a formula? eg, Any different input will change the output accordingly. Answer: Please think over the question before reading the answer. What started as a naive quander proved to be an enjoyable challenge. At […]

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Zigfrid – A Passive RFID Fuzzer.

Zigfrid is the end result of my RFID tinkering. Since I will most definitely forget most things described here in the (very) near future, I share this for those few who might find it interesting. Please be warned: This is not a toy. It is completely unreliable, untested, malicious tool, which can and will cause […]

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Sniffing GSM traffic with HackRF.

While my friend and colleague Simone was visiting our ZIMPERIUM – Enterprise Mobile Security TLV office, we got our hands on HackRF and hacked together the unguarded boarders of Radio Frequencies. Simone had the great patience to try and explain me the boring world of complex numbers and friends (more on that here), but my dyslexia […]

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Ziggy’s Embedded BTS

It started as a small challenge. “I challenge you to make a Base-Station image for embedded devices” dared me my friend Simone, and I decided he is right and it’s time for a BladeRF Base-station image targeting the armhf architecture. While googling on the subject, I found others struggling with same problems I did, and I also […]

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From Bochs to chroot

I used Bochs at 2004 for some projects of mine since that was the only way to emulate a complete PC back in the days. The performance was horrible, hardly usable, since all CPU & BIOS commands were emulated in software. Even on the best of hardware, performance was lacking. Fast forward a few years, […]

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